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Spotlight on France

French students participate in Gawad Kalinga's efforts to eradicate poverty

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Tony Meloto is the co-founder of Gawad Kalinga.
Tony Meloto is the co-founder of Gawad Kalinga. Facebook

In the Philippines, where a fifth of the population still lives on less than two dollars a day, the hugely successful Filipino non-profit organisation known as Gawad Kalinga has set itself the goal of getting five million people out of poverty by 2024. It’s already made headway, getting the homeless to build their own houses, and the hungry to grow their own food. And the French are the most active Western country to help them do it. Gawad Kalinga's charismatic co-founder Tony Meloto was recently in Paris to drum up further support for what are major business opportunities in Asia’s fastest growing economy.

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