Brazil police find stash of Nazi material in home of suspected child abuser

Rio de Janeiro (AFP) –


Police in Rio de Janeiro found a vast collection of Nazi uniforms and memorabilia in the home of an alleged child abuser, along with several weapons, officials said Wednesday.

The 58-year-old suspect, identified as Aylson Proenca Doyle Linhares, was arrested Tuesday after a couple from his neighborhood reported him for abusing their 12-year-old son, said police commissioner Luis Armond, who is leading the investigation.

Police found "monstrous material" pertaining to Nazism, including insignias, documents, uniforms, flags and even a membership card for the Nazi party featuring the suspect's photo. Images released by the police show that among the hundreds of items of Nazi memorabilia were several framed photos and busts of Adolf Hitler.

Daggers and nine firearms were also found, including a rifle and a machine gun, as well as a large stash of ammunition.

Linhares was charged with illegal possession of weapons, racism and pedophilia, after police also found photos of minors, Armond said.

The man told police his collection was worth between 2.5 million and 3 million euros (between $2.9 and $3.5 million), "although that is unverifiable," the commissioner added.

Police obtained a warrant to arrest the man and search his home after an investigation revealed that Linhares had also tried to abuse at least two other minors, Armond said.