Demonstrators briefly occupy Sao Paulo stock exchange to protest inequality

Sao Paulo (AFP) –


Several dozen demonstrators briefly occupied the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange on Thursday to protest widening economic inequality in inflation-hit Brazil under far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

Standing beneath electronic panels that displayed stock prices in the country's biggest stock exchange, the protesters waved red banners and a Brazilian flag with the word "hungry" written on it.

"We are occupying the Sao Paulo stock exchange, the greatest symbol of speculation and social inequality," the Homeless Workers Movement that organized the protest said on Twitter.

"While companies profit, the people are hungry and work is increasingly precarious."

One of the signs held by protesters read "Everything is Bolsonaro's fault."

After a short rally, the group left the building and continued its protest outside.

Brazil's economic inequality has been further exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed over 590,000 people in this country of 213 million.

Inflation is nearly 10 percent year-on-year with over 14 million Brazilians unemployed.