Quarter of Netanyahu's salary goes on armoured car


Jerusalem (AFP)

Over a quarter of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's salary is deducted for his use of an armoured car for official business, his paycheck shows.

Of a monthly salary of 48,815 shekels ($15,500, 11,300 euros), Netanyahu takes home just 17,645 after taxes and expenses according to the February payroll posted on his Twitter account.

In total, Netanyahu paid 21,572 shekels in taxes, as well as 12,440 for an armoured car.

The payroll of an Israeli employee is required to include his use of a company car, as well as taxes deducted based on the value of the vehicle.

The Israeli prime minister is also supposed to work just 42.5 hours per week, a number someone with his responsibilities is more likely to pass in a few days.

As well as being prime minister, Netanyahu is also the country's foreign, economy and communication minister.

The document does not, however, include the cost to the state of the maintenance of his official residence in central Jerusalem or the cost of luxury hotels when he travels.

Netanyahu and his wife Sara have been criticised by the Israeli media for their lifestyle, though the couple repeatedly justify the cost of their two official residences.

In 2013, Netanyahu cancelled a 10,000 shekel ($2,565, 2,314 euros) annual budget for ice cream at his official residence.

A recent request that food for the family's new dog, Kaya, be covered by state funds was denied.

Israeli politicians are not compelled to submit financial disclosure reports, but Forbes Israel recently evaluated Netanyahu's wealth at over $10 million.