Authorities block sale of beer for French League Cup final

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Paris (AFP)

The sale of beer will not be allowed at the Stade de France for the French League Cup final on Saturday, with the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) expressing their disappointment at the decision.

The sale of alcohol at French sporting events is banned, although there can be some exceptions.

The local council of Saint-Denis, the Paris suburb where the Stade de France is situated, refused an application from the LFP to make an exception and allow the sale of beer in the stadium for the match between French champions Paris Saint-Germain and Lille.

The LFP deplored the "unfair treatment suffered by football", and questioned why alcohol can be sold at other events, such as music concerts, at the stadium.

"This application for the authorisation of the sale of beer had been done in full agreement with the Paris police for safety reasons, to encourage the public to enter the stadium gradually and to avoid a massive and late entry," the LFP said in a statement on Wednesday.

"We are disappointed and we don't understand the city of Saint-Denis, which has changed its mind," LFP director of sport Rouger Arnaud told AFP.

"This final, a fine display between PSG and a resurgent Lille going strong in the league, was not classified to be at risk and was allowed to have this experiment."