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Bulgarian athlete probed for 'chambermaids attack'

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Rio de Janeiro (AFP)

A Bulgarian athlete was being quizzed after being accused of attacking and injuring cleaning staff working at the Rio Athletes Village, police said.

"A procedure has been opened to investigate injuries inflicted by an athlete of the Bulgarian delegation on several chambermaids working at the Olympic Village," police said in a statement.

One of the women claimed that the incident happened when she and her colleagues went to the athlete's room to clean it.

"But the athlete insisted they leave the room, hitting one of the women before attacking the others" for a reason not specified in the statement.

Police did not identify the individual involved.

It is not the first time that employees at the village have been assaulted at the Olympics.

Boxers Hassan Saada of Morocco and Namibia's Jonas Junias Jonas were arrested on charges of "sexual assault" on August 5 and 8 respectively.

Saada was released from custody but banned from returning to the village and from approaching the two Brazilian women he is alleged to have attacked.

Both fighters have since been eliminated from competition.

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