South Korea president takes fresh hit over PM nominee


Seoul (AFP)

South Korea's scandal-hit president Park Geun-Hye suffered a fresh blow Tuesday as she effectively agreed to withdraw her chosen nominee for prime minister in the face of parliamentary opposition.

Park had sought to replace her prime minister as part of an extensive cabinet reshuffle aimed at restoring public trust in her administration, which has been engulfed by a corruption scandal.

In an effort to create a unity cabinet, she had nominated a liberal candidate from outside her conservative Saenuri Party, but opposition MPs insisted they would reject the choice because they were not properly consulted.

The prime minister is a largely symbolic post in South Korea, where power is firmly concentrated in the presidency.

It is the only cabinet post requiring parliamentary approval.

During a meeting Tuesday morning with the speaker of the legislature, Park said she would confirm a different nominee approved by MPs.

"If the National Assembly recommends a new premier, I will appoint him and let him control the cabinet," Park said.