German hip hop 'sista' convicted of beating sex workers


Berlin (AFP)

German hip hop star and former sex worker Schwesta Ewa was sentenced Tuesday to a suspended two and a half year prison term for assaulting prostitutes and for tax fraud, a court said.

The 32-year-old, whose birth name is Ewa Mueller, was cleared of accusations she had forced fans into prostitution and of procuring and human trafficking charges.

She was freed after some eight months in pre-trial detention after the court in the western city of Frankfurt decided to suspend the jail term.

The Polish-born musician with the gangsta rap name Schwesta ('Sista') Ewa grew up in Germany, working in red-light districts as a teenager and using crack cocaine.

She was arrested in November on charges of having forced girls aged 17 to 19 into prostitution.

She admitted to having beaten some of them but said the girls had voluntarily engaged in prostitution, which is legal in Germany.

The claim was backed by several of the girls who testified in court.