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Trump 'open' to eliminating debt ceiling

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Washington (AFP)

Donald Trump said Thursday he was open to eliminating a cap on US government borrowing, a bane for many US presidents but loved by his own Republican party.

Bucking party orthodoxy for the second time in a week, Trump indicated that he would be open to removing "debt ceiling" limits all together.

"For many years, people have been talking about getting rid of debt ceiling altogether and there are a lot of good reasons to do that," he said in the Cabinet room, before a luncheon with the emir of Kuwait.

"So certainly that is something that we will discuss, we even discussed it at the meeting that we had yesterday," Trump said, referring to a meeting with Republican and Democratic members of Congress.

"It complicates things, it's really not necessary."

The cap on borrowing has prompted two crippling government shutdowns during the adminstrations of Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush.

But it is seen by Republicans as a useful brake on government spending, forcing the president to offer Congress cuts in return for Congress raising the debt limit.

Any reforms are likely to be fiercely opposed by the Republican rank and file.

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