Ski queen Vonn takes Twitter troll to the cleaners

Pyeongchang (South Korea) (AFP) –


US ski queen Lindsey Vonn had some fun at the expense of a Twitter troll and showed she is in jovial form in the build-up to the Pyeongchang Winter Games.

The 33-year-old will be arguably the biggest name at the Olympics when they open on Friday and she is looking to add another gold to the downhill title she won in Vancouver eight years ago.

But if she is at all nervous that her injury woes could return in South Korea -- she missed the Sochi 2014 Games with a knee problem -- she is not showing it.

She had the last laugh, along with her many fans, when an anonymous critic on Twitter took aim at her, writing: "Loved the way you were unable to take criticism on Dancing With The Stars! I know it must have been a real learning experience."

There was only one problem with the dig at Vonn, as she pointed out in firing back: "I'm sorry this made me laugh. I was never on Dancing with the Stars, but thanks for the criticism none the less, high fives buddy."

Vonn's supporters on Twitter took great glee in weighing in on her behalf, coming up with a variety of other ills that didn't involve her, using the hashtag #thingslindseydidntdo.

One Twitter follower wrote sarcastically: "Loved the way you were unable to hit the high notes while singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl! I know it must have been a real learning experience. #thingslindseydidntdo."

Vonn, a prolific Twitter user, replied dryly: "I know, me too. That flu hit me hard."