Trump strikes back at JPMorgan chief Dimon

New York (AFP) –


Donald Trump punched back Thursday at JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon, who had said he was "smarter" than the US president the prior day.

"The problem with banker Jamie Dimon running for President is that he doesn't have the aptitude or 'smarts'& is a poor public speaker & nervous mess - otherwise he is wonderful," Trump said on Twitter. "I've made a lot of bankers, and others, look much smarter than they are with my great economic policy!"

On Wednesday, Dimon said he could "beat" Trump in an election, but would not be able to win the Democratic primary. He also said he "earned his money" and that his wealth "wasn't a gift from Daddy."

But Dimon immediately walked back the comments, saying through a spokesman that he "shouldn't have said it" and that the remark "proves I wouldn't make a good politician."