West Ham co-owner wants to stop agents 'sucking' money from football

London (AFP) –


The co-chairman West Ham, David Gold, has backed proposals to stop clubs spending millions on football agents.

At a meeting of Premier League clubs on Thursday, a proposal was made to prevent the same agent representing both the club and the player in transfer deals and receiving a fee from each -- a system known as dual representation.

"They are sucking tons of money out of football. We are all trying to pay less as they are doing nothing for football," said Gold.

A report by The Times this week found that four in every five deals in the Premier League last season involved the same agent being paid by both the player and the club.

"I can't believe it is even a discussion," added Gold. "Other than agents, everybody else is against them, they do nothing for football.

"The FA certainly is in line with our feelings that something has to be done. From the beginning it's not been something that we want and they don't want.

"Now it's FIFA and UEFA we need to come into line, and we are hoping they come up with something."

According to the FA, Premier League clubs spent £211 million ($275 million) in agents' fees for the period between February 2017 and January this year.

Liverpool led the way spending just under £27 million, followed by Chelsea (£25 million), Manchester City (£23 million) and Manchester United (£18 million).