World court ruling 'biased' says Bolivia's Morales

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La Paz (AFP)

Bolivia's President Evo Morales lashed out Tuesday as a "biased" International Court of Justice ruling that rejected La Paz's demand for access to the sea from neighbor Chile.

Morales told reporters in La Paz that he would personally send a letter to the court "showing the contradictions" in the court's verdict "which did not give justice to Bolivia."

Morales -- who petitioned the world court in 2013 to oblige Chile to give landlocked Bolivia a land corridor to the Pacific -- attended the reading of the court verdict in The Hague.

Bolivia lost 400 kilometers (250 miles) of coastline in a 1879-1883 war with Chile. Ever since, Santiago has rejected every attempt by its smaller and poorer neighbor to win it back.

The issue has long been a strain on relations between the two South American countries.

Morales told reporters on his return from The Hague that the court "knows very well where this injustice comes from: the invasion of Bolivian territory."

"It is not possible for the court to benefit invaders," the firebrand leftist leader said.

Morales -- who has been in power since 2006 -- also announced he would send a letter of protest to the United Nations so that world opinion would be aware of the injustice suffered by Bolivia.