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Multicultural Shakespeare

Audio 22:48
Brigitte Pougeoise

This week you’ll hear about a multicultural adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by the French playwright Richard Demarcy. There’s good music for early summer dreamin’… and of course, the quiz.



Hello everyone!

Here’s this week’s quiz question:

This past week travelers have had something to moan about – the volcano in Iceland, that spread volcanic ash into the atmosphere and grounded flights for days. Just from RFI, we had 40 journalists stranded in various parts of the planet, four of those from the English service! This volcano also gave radio (and television) announcers something to moan about: its utterly unpronounceable Icelandic name. So what is it, what is that Icelandic volcano’s name?

And you’re lucky: you just have to come close to spelling it, and I’ll have to say it when I give the answer!

You have until 31 May to send in your answer; the answer and the winners will be announced on the 6 June show.

BUT - in order for you to win, you have to ALSO send me a recipe – trust me, you want to – or your favourite proverb, your story about weird things, or your hero – someone you admire for their contribution to society…. How about sharing your favourite guilty pleasure – mine’s chocolate! - your favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, or your proudest achievement?

Send your answers - and personal revelations - by Monday, 31 May to:

Susan Owensby
Club 9516/ The Sound Kitchen
BP 9516
75016 Paris, FRANCE
Or via e-mail:

Attention: If you click on “Write to us” on this web page, your mail will not go where it is supposed to. It could easily get lost, so only use: for your quiz answers.

On the Club 9516/Sound Kitchen, we’ll be trying out some new recipes … but I need some help in the kitchen – and you’re just the one to do it. I want you to write me and tell me about people in your community who are doing good things. I want us to have a regular feature on the Club 9516/Sound Kitchen about “ordinary” heroes – the people in your community who are trying to make the world a better place …

And … as I noted above, I still want you to send me your favourite proverb, your favourite recipe – this one is really important, as we’re cooking up a surprise for you - and the weirdest thing that ever happened to you (or one of them, because I sure find there are a lot of weird things happening!). Or write in with your favourite guilty pleasure, your favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, your proudest achievement … whatever you write about, just write! The show is only fun if you are a part of it.

To your pens!

Send your thoughts to me at: or, of course,  via “real” mail:

Susan Owensby
Club 9516/The Sound Kitchen
B.P. 9516
75016 Paris, FRANCE

Be sure you include your address and a phone number if you can. I’d like to call you, and put you on the air, which wins you a CD of music chosen by the RFI musical team.
One last thing: don’t forget to look for the Sound Kitchen page on Facebook. Take a look – and participate!

I look forward to hearing from you.



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