The Sound Kitchen Quiz!

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Put on your thinking caps … it’s time for the quiz. You’ll hear great music and listener letters, too … don’t miss it!


Hello everyone!

We’re going to experiment with our recipes – like all good cooks. Now you’ll hear if you won the quiz on Saturdays, at 5:16 universal time.

You can look on our website, too – the winners names will be there. Look for Short Features /Sound Kitchen Winners. Tune in on Sundays at 4:22, 5:52 and 7:22 universal time to hear the quiz question ... and whatever else is cooking up in the kitchen.

This week’s quiz question is about a former president of France, whose election 30 years ago - on 10 April, 1981 - was the cause of much reflection on his legacy … simply everyone wrote an article, produced a radio or television program, painted a picture … this president left no one cold!

Who was he? Who was elected president of France on 10 April, 1981, and what distinguishes him from other French presidents?

You have until 13 June to send in your answers; the answer and the winners will be announced on the 18 June programme.


Send your answers to:
Susan Owensby
Service anglophone
BP 9516
75016 Paris

Send your “This I Believe” essays, your musical requests, your mini book reviews, your community hero essays, your proverbs and your general all-around thoughts to:

All the best,


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