Is my son gay? French smartphone app asks


French mothers can download an app which claims to tell them if their son is gay. For just one euro 99 centimes they receive a questionnaire that aims to give them pointers about their son’s sexuality.


Controversy over an ipad app that revealed whether celebrities were Jewish led to Apple withdrawing it from sale.

Now the Rue89 website has revealed the existence of another ethically questionable virtual product put on sale in July by the Android Market company.

After answering all 20 questions, a mother will have an answer to “the question you have been asking for perhaps too long”, it promises.

The questions range over a variety of subjects that are supposed to indicate their son's sexual preferences. They include his attitude to personal grooming and dress sense, whether he likes football and reads sports papers and whether he likes musicals and/or divas such as Mylène Farmer.

The questionnaire also puts the parents under the spotlight.

“Are you divorced?” it asks, going on to suggest that there might be “a certain absence of the father” or, alternatively, that the progenitor might be “very authoritarian”.

While mothers whose sons are judged to be gay are told to “ACCEPT IT”, mothers of supposed heterosexuals receive a message that appears to take a much less indulgent attitude to homosexuality.

“You have nothing to worry about, your son is not gay,” it reads. “So you have a very good chance of being a grandmother with all the joys that brings.”

No app to establish whether one's daughter is a lesbian is on the market.

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