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The 27 November Sound Kitchen winners

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Are you one of this week’s lucky winners? Today you’ll hear who won the quiz about the new Spanish prime minister. Click on that little "listen" arrow above, and join in!


Hello everyone!

You’ve surely noticed by now we’ve been experimenting with the Sound Kitchen recipes … on Saturdays, at 5.16 universal time, tune in to hear if you are amongst the week’s winners. The winners' names are here on our website, too. Look for Short features/Sound Kitchen winners.

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This week’s question was read on 27 November, and was about yet another European government which had fallen because of the debt crisis: Spain’s. Parliamentary elections were held on 20 November and the ruling Socialists – in power since 2004 - lost to the  right-wing Popular Party. I asked you who, as head of the Popular Party, was expected to be confirmed as Spain’s new prime minister. 

And the answer is: Mariano Rajoy … he was confirmed as prime minister, on 22 December.

The winners this week are: Mr Hitesh Kumar Goyal from the Friend’s Listener’s Club in Punjab, India; Dr SS Bhattacharyya, president of the Chaitak listener’s club in West Bengal, India; Richard Chen from Trincity, Trinidad and Tobago; Mr Li Ming from Maanshan City, China, and Mr. SJ Agboola from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Congratulations, winners!

This week’s question is about Senegal.

The country is preparing for presidential polls, planned for 26 February. Sitting president Abdoulaye Wade is a contender, which is, to put it mildly, an "issue”. Wade was first elected in 2000 for a seven-year mandate and reelected in 2007, under a new constitution, for a five-year mandate. Wade again revised the constitution in 2008, reverting to a seven-year mandate, renewable once. Logically, he has therefore served as the country’s president for as long as the constitution allows. But it is never so simple … Wade argued that the law does not apply retroactively and that he can run again.

Last week the country’s Constitutional Council gave Wade the go-ahead to run in the polls, which sparked violence and rioting. His opponents accuse him of fiddling with the constitution.

The Constitutional Council also approved 13 other candidates to run alongside Wade, including three of his own ex-prime ministers, but they disqualified a very popular musician. My question to you is: what is the name of the Senegalese musical icon who will not be allowed to run for president? He appealed the decision but his appeal was rejected by the Constitutional Council.

Send me your answer by 5 March; the answer and the winners will be announced on the 10 March programme. Be sure you send your postal address in with your answer … and be sure and tell me if you are a Mr. or a Mrs. or a Ms. or a Miss – I don’t want to get it wrong!

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Valentine’s Day is almost here … get your musical requests and dedications in this week!

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