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The 12 February Sound Kitchen quiz

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Put on your thinking caps … it’s time for the quiz. You’ll hear great music and listener’s letters, too … don’t miss it!


Hello everyone!

You’ve surely noticed by now we’ve been experimenting with the Sound Kitchen recipes … on Saturdays, at 5.16 universal time, tune in to hear if you are amongst the week’s winners. The winners' names are here on our website, too. Look for Short features/Sound Kitchen winners.

Tune in on Sundays, at 4.22, 5.52 and 7.22 universal time, for the quiz question ... and whatever else is cooking up in the Sound Kitchen.

This week’s question is about leap seconds. Leap seconds are added to the world’s atomic clocks approximately every four years, to keep Universal Time in step with the Earth's unpredictable rotation, which, in fact, is slowing down. This means that days, as determined by the position of the sun in the sky, are fractionally longer. So every four years the world’s atomic clocks are stopped for one second, so that they are in sync with the earth.

This year is a leap second year: at the end of June, atomic clocks around the world will say 23:59:59 for two seconds instead of one second. My question to you is: what will you do with your extra second? Ha-ha, you have to use your imagination for this one – Wikipedia won’t have the answer! What will you do with your “Leap Second” – the extra second we are graciously accorded at the end of June, 2012?

Send me your answer by 12 March; the answer and the winners will be announced on the 17 March programme. Be sure you send your postal address in with your answer … and be sure and tell me if you are a Mr or a Mrs or a Ms or a Miss – I don’t want to get it wrong!

Send your answers to:


Susan Owensby
RFI – The Sound Kitchen
BP 9516
75016 Paris

Valentine’s Day is almost here … get your musical requests and dedications in this week!

And remember, it’s not just the quiz which wins you a prize. If your essay goes on the air, you’ll find a package in the mail from the Sound Kitchen. Write in about your community heroes – the people in your community who are quietly working to make the world a better place, in whatever way they can. I am still looking for your “This I Believe” essays, too. Tell us about the principles that guide your life … what you have found to be true from your very own personal experience. Or write in with your most memorable moment, and/or your proudest achievement.

Send your mini-book reviews, your musical requests, your secret “guilty” pleasure (mine’s chocolate!), your tricks for remembering things, your favourite quotations and proverbs, descriptions of the local festivals you participate in, or just your general all-around thoughts to:

Include a phone number, if you can. I’d like to call you and put you on-the-air … and send you a thank-you gift for participating.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

All the best,


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