Report: France

Paris photography festival

Colette Urbajtel / Archivo Manuel Álvarez Bravo, s.c.

The art of photography is celebrated in Paris in November, with exhibitions and shows as well as lectures and the chance to meet some of the world's leading photographers.


Le Mois de la Photo, (which translates adequately as Photo Month) was launched in 1980 as a bi-annual event.

It consists, of course, of gallery exhibitions, but also chances to meet the photographers in round-tables or other events.

2012’s crop is organised around three themes: Small is Beautiful (small formats); Enchanted Reality and French photography (or photography from Francophonie French-speaking places) 1955 to the present day.

In whichever corner of Paris you may be, photo buffs, there is a gallery with open doors on the work of, for example Frédéric Nauzyciel, Moussa Sarr, Nicolas Henry, Gustave Le Gray, or Manuel Alvarez Bravo.

In the Enchanted Reality category, the Centre Culturel Irlandais (Irish Culture Centre) exposes Richard Mosse’s photos of Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, 2010-2012.
Or giving those who miss the train a peek at the Palace of Versailles they wouldn’t otherwise, Deborah Turbeville’s photos are at the Galérie Serge Aboukrat.

In the French photography selection, at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France - François Mitterrand, the Photography in 100 Masterpieces exhibition is revealing.

From 24 October to 30 November:

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