Watch out for fake champagne after thieves steal thousands of labels

Domaine Jacques Selosse

A top Champagne-maker fears the market may be flooded with fakes after thieves robbed 16,000 labels, along with 3,700 bottles, from his winery in eastern France.


In a well-planned operation a week ago the robbers used deodorant and washing-up liquid to wipe away DNA traces before making off with 3,700 bottles of Jacques Selosse

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champagne and 16,000 labels, according to winemaker Anselme Selosse.

“This theft is no danger at all to my company but the taking off packaging pieces makes me fear that a counterfeit-production workshop will be set up soon,” he said Thursday.

Jacques Selosse champagne first went into production in 1949.

It produces about 57,000 highly prized bottles a year on 7.5 hectares of vineyard near Reims, according to the specialised press.

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