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French singer Caroline Nin pays tribute to Piaf

Audio 11:39
Caroline Nin in "Hymne à Piaf"
Caroline Nin in "Hymne à Piaf" DR

French music legend Edith Piaf died 50 years ago this week. Many people around the world love her music, not everyone understands the songs. French cabaret singer Caroline Nin knows Piaf's repertoire inside out, and has been performing her Hymne à Piaf show for the last decade in Australia, the UK, US and now in Paris. She tells Piaf's story in English, and sings, magnificently, in French. She talks to RFI about why she feels increasingly attached to Piaf's repertoire and why you can reinterpret some, but not all, of her songs.Hymne à Piaf runs at the Essaion theatre in Paris's 4th district on Thursday, Friday Saturday through til 9 November, then from 26 December to 4 January. 

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