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The Stepkids, a funk-soul revivalists group

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No pigeon-hole is quite big enough for The Stepkids, a trio from Connecticut in the U.S. They’ve been called a psychedelic soul band, and why not. They were all raised as jazz musicians and their heroes include Gershwin, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones.

The Stepkids
The Stepkids

Like many with a jazz background, they pride themselves on their adaptability, turning out a catchy mash of punk, jazz, 60’s folk new and old soul and funk.

Kings of musical morphing, but all-American boys at heart who “think it’s really important to bring an American sound to the planet”.

They bring that sound even to memorable covers like their version of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky which created a real buzz on social media.

They recently talked to RFI’s La Bande Passante music programme about their eclectic sound and their second album Troubadour.

>> The Stepkids' official website


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