RFI Listeners Club

How to form an official RFI Listeners Club

Did you know there is such a thing as an "official" RFI Club? Why not start your own? Here’s how.


You can either transform your existing radio club into an RFI Club or create a brand new one. Anytime you plan special events – be they humanitarian, cultural, or sports-oriented; if you want to host an environmental program or a day dedicated to health issues - RFI will help you with ideas and free promotional items for your members. You’ll also be eligible to participate in special RFI Club events.

If you are interested in either changing your radio club into an RFI Club or if you would like to create a brand-new RFI club, the first step is to read the RFI Club Charter.

RFI Club Charter

If you are willing to abide by the Charter, write to me at thesoundkitchen@rfi.fr and let me know. We want to know about your club - how often do you meet? Which RFI programs do you listen to? Which other international radios does your club listen to? What community activities has your club organized or been a part of? What are your club's future plans for community involvement?  Send us pictures of your events!

RFI Clubs are meant to be involved in their community. We need to hear about your activities - and see photos! - in order for you to maintain active status in the RFI Club family. Your club will need to send us your updates at least once a year - but more often is preferable.

To register, you will need to send (via e-mail) photographs of your members with their full names, so the Listener Relations department can make their identity cards. We must also have a group photograph of your entire membership – during one of your meetings would be perfect! Send the photos to my colleagues in the Listener Relations Department. They will make up the ID cards and send you a welcome box filled with RFI goodies!

Sébastien Bonijol (sebastien.bonijol@rfi.fr)

Audrey Iattoni (audrey.iattoni@rfi.fr)

RFI – Relations Auditeurs

80, rue Camille Desmoulins

92130, Issy-les-Moulineaux


We in the English language service are quite proud to have 45 official RFI Clubs. We send our warm regards to all our clubs: the Club RFI Monrovia, Lloyd N Toh, president; the RFI Butterflies Club Ain Kechera in Ain Kechera, Algeria, Ferhat Bezazel, president; the RFI Ducor Sea Breeze Club in Monrovia, Liberia, headed up by Hyrum Karyea Mennoh; the RFI Listeners Club Gambia in Brikama Town, The Gambia, with Lamin Ceesay as president; the Kemogemba RFI Club in Tarime, Mara, Tanzania, started by Ras Franz Manko Ngogo, and the RFI Club Freetown, Abdulai Saiku Bah, president. We have three clubs in Cameroon: the Divin-Alim RFI Club in Alim-Fundong, Njang Marinette Njong, president; the Hope Yang RFI Club in Njinikom, Jinabo Cyrille Fointama, president, and the RFI Sisia Youth Development Club in Bamenda, Eric Mbotiji, president.

We have two clubs in Holguin, Cuba: the RFI Club Cuba, Ivan Carralero, president, and Cubans on the Radio with Rommel Tamayo Gutiérrez at the helm.

We have 11 clubs in Pakistan, three of which are in Muzaffargarh: the RFI Lovers Club with Mubashir Bukhari as president; the Modern DX Club with Muhammad Tariq Rehman as president, and the RFI Listeners Club started by Mubashir Hussain Asher. In Mailsi, there’s the RFI Web Visitors Club, Abid Hussain Sajid, president, and in Chiniot, the Seven Stars RFI Listeners Club with Muhammad Saleem Akhtar Chadhar as president. There are two clubs in Sheikhupura: the RFI Listeners Club,  Riaz Ahmed Khan, president, and the RFI Fan Club, Ejaz Kareem, president. Finally, there’s the RFI Fans Web Visitors Club in Khanpur, with Amir Manzoor as its president; in Sahiwal, the Pak-France International Listeners Club, Shahzad Shabbir, president; the Naz RFI & Internet Club in Faisal Abad, Rasheed Naz, president, and the World United RFI Listeners Organization in Nankana Sahib, Ch Faheem Noor, president.

In Bangladesh, we have 8 clubs: in Kaptai, the Kaptai RFI Fan Club, Jahangir Alam Manto, president; the RFI Amour Fan Club in Rajshahi, AKM Nuruzzaman, president; in Naogaon, the Shetu RFI Fan Club, Sultan Sarkar, president; in Nilphamari, the Nilshagor RFI Fan Club, Shahanaj Parvin Sathi, president; the RFI Peace Fan Club in Bogra, Dr Shahinur Alam, president, and in Narayanganj, the Online RFI DX Club, Abu Sayed, president. There are two clubs in Dhaka: the RFI Club Dhaka, Wali Ahad, president, and the RFI Surfer’s Society Bangladesh, Royeka Khatun, president.

In India, we have 17 clubs -  six (!) in Murshidabad: the RFI Women’s Club, Priyanka Paul, president; the Golden RFI DX Club, Siddhartha Sarkar, president; the RFI Natun Radio Listeners Club, Kanchan KR Chatterjee, president; the International RFI DX Radio Listeners Club, with the RFI Students and Sports Club section, Najim Uddin, president; the RFI Metali Listeners Club with the RFI Metali Students Club section, Shivendu Paul, president, and the RFI Fan Club, Navid Raiyan, president. In Medinipur, there is the RFI Chaitak Listeners Club with Siddhartha Bhattacharjee as coordinator; in Delhi, Mahesh Jain is the president of the RFI Club Delhi, and in Hariharpara the RFI Mahila Shrota Sangha (RFI Women Listeners Fan Club) is headed up by Nafisa Najim. In Sainikpuri / Secunderabad, the RFI Young Stars Radio Club has Hari Madugula as president; in Maharashtra, the RFI Marconi DX Association was created by Sandeep Jawale, and in Tamil Nadu, the RFI Agnichiragu Phoenix Club has Adita Prithika as president. In Assam, there’s the RFI Listeners Club of Jorhat, Prithiwiraj Purkaystha, president, and the United RFI Listeners Club, Debakamal Hazarika, president. Finally, there’s the RFI Listeners Club in Jamshedpur, SB Sharma, president; the Golden Eagles RFI Club in Keralam, Muhammad Shamim S as president, and the Pariwer Bandhu RFI SW Club in Chhattisgarh, Anand Mohan Bain, president.

This leads me to another item of interest: the "general" RFI Listeners Club. Everyone can belong to the RFI Listeners Club, but you will only be issued a membership number, not an identity card. Only members of an official RFI Club are issued identity cards. As an RFI Listeners Club member, you will still win a premium prize if you win a Sound Kitchen quiz. So no reason not to join – although having an official RFI Club is really far cooler.

If you want to be a member of the general RFI Listeners Club – that’s great, too! Just send your full name, your postal mailing address and your e-mail address to english.service@rfi.fr. You’ll receive an RFI Listeners Club number; include that number every time you enter a quiz, and if you are a winner, you’ll get a premium prize!

Nota bene: The RFI Listeners Club used to be called “Club 9516”. So if you are a member of the “Club 9516”, you are already a member of the RFI Listeners Club. Your “Club 9516” membership number still works – no need to reapply. Just include your membership number on your quiz entries.

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