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“I’m more Malcolm X than Martin Luther King nowadays” says Nigerian-American singer KUKU

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On his last album KUKU was the soldier of peace. Understandable for someone who'd spent time in the U.S. army. Now the singer-songwriter is using his powerful voice and soulful African grooves to preach against intolerance. 


His latest EP Open your eyes while you pray explores themes like exploitation and treachery, vigilance and virtue; an appetizer to his upcoming album Ballads & Blasphemy.

“It’s my take on organised religion, on faith and some of the exploitation and hypocrisy that goes along with faith,” he says.

“I don’t really feel I’m being blasphemous, but I’m sure a lot of listeners will call it blasphemy so I’m pretty much helping them out before they get to it.”

And if you don’t care for the message, "you can still enjoy dancing to the groove," he chortles.

He's serious about his music, and seriously making a name for himself in Paris. Unknown when he arrived in the French capital in 2011, he featured on Tony Allen's latest album Film of Life.  Open your ears!

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