Culture in France

Abbey St Riquier, a mediaeval home for digital language

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Royal Abbey at Saint-Riquier, La Somme, France
Royal Abbey at Saint-Riquier, La Somme, France © MMONTEAUX

In this week's Arts in France, RFI's Rosslyn Hyams visits  the Abbey St Riquier, a little-known mediaeval site in the north of France in the Somme valley, which has a very significant place in French history. One of its Abbots from the 9th century, Nithard, whose remains were recently re-discovered, can be seen at the Abbey, while it also caters for more contemporary tastes.


Abbey St Riquier now also offers exhibitions dedicated to reading and writing - digitally of course - and there is a number of temporary exhibitions currently on display. One of them consists of collages, paintings and book illustrations by Titus-Carmel, as well as photographic and digital audio-visual exhibits devised by Alain Fleischer.

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