Franco-Togolese photographer bridges cultural gaps at Paris art fair

Untitled 2019
Untitled 2019 © Djeneba Aduayomm

Franco-Togolese photographer Djeneba Aduayom, based in Los Angeles since 2009, showcases her work for the second year at the AKAA art fair in Paris.


Djeneba Aduayom moved to photography a few years ago after a long career as a dancer.

"Most people that I photograph have been called 'ugly' [...] just because people don't understand culture or skin color," says Djeneba Aduayom to RFI.

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The photo below was exhibited at the AKAA Fair

"This is Adele, I met her in Montreal, she's the daughter of a woman who used to be a soldier and a rebel in Sudan. Adele's mother migrated to Canada when she was young and Adele lost her identity," explains Aduayom.

"My photos always use different elements to create visual poetry".

Untitled 2019
Untitled 2019 © Djeneba Aduayom (Galerie Number 8)

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