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Fusing comedy and sci-fi in The Fly at Paris' Bouffes du Nord theatre

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Christian Hecq stars in a comic version of sci-fi thriller 'The Fly' in Paris
Christian Hecq stars in a comic version of sci-fi thriller 'The Fly' in Paris Bouffes du Nord Theatre
By: Arnab Béranger

Christian Hecq, one of President Macron's favourite actors, stars in a comic adaptation of 'The Fly', a famous science-fiction story where a scientist fuses with a fly during teleportation.


In this wacky version set in rural France, Robert, an autist, lives with his domineering mother in a caravan. He invents a rickety teleportation machine, but ends up teleporting his neigthbour Marie-Pièrre (played by co-director Valerie Lesort) into vaccuum. Robert then makes a fatal gaffe and genetically fuses with a fly.


In a first part of series about French theatre, Arnab Béranger takes a look at the Bouffes du Nord, a theatre-cum music-hall in Paris' popular La Chapelle area. 

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Image credits: Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord


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