Dutch FA hopes to trial video technology during matches


The Hague (AFP)

The Netherlands may become one of the first countries to trial video help for football referees after a recommendation from the game's rule-making body, the Dutch football federation said Friday.

If the move is approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), then the Dutch FA (KNVB) hopes to put it to the test in 25 matches during the Dutch Cup during the 2016-2017 season.

Football moved closer to giving match officials video assistance on Thursday when the IFAB announced it has strongly recommended beginning trials.

The proposal will now go to the IFAB's general meeting in Cardiff on March 4-6 for approval.

"If it is approved in March, then we are going to experiment with it in the Netherlands during the Cup," KNVB told AFP in an email.

"We would hope to try out video assistance in about 25 Cup matches."

Such video help would not replace the traditional ref, but could be consulted for decisions that might change the match outcome such as contentious goals or penalties and red cards.

Long a supporter of video assistance, KNVB began training staff in the methods in September.

The IFAB said Thursday that precise details about where and how the trials would be conducted had not yet been settled, and would only be released after the Cardiff meeting.

FIFA did not wish to comment on the Dutch announcement Friday.

KNVB did try out video assistance during 22 matches in the 2013-2014 season, but it was used only in a passive role and did not intervene in any decisions.

However, seven decisions which had a direct influence on the final score during those 22 matches could have been corrected if the video help had been used, the KNVB said.