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Toyota to stop French and UK production for twelve days

Photo: Reuters

The world’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota, will suspend production at factories in France and Britain for twelve days, the company said on Friday. Toyota’s recall of more than eight million vehicles has led to a slump in global sales.


"One of the reasons has to do with revising our sales plans due to the negative effects of the recalls," said Paul Nolasco, a Toyota spokesperson.

Production at the Japanese manufacturer’s French factory in Onnaing near Valenciennes, which produces the Yaris subcompact car, will be halted between 6-9 April.

In Britain, production will halt between Monday and Thursday, and again between 6-9 April, with some of the closure being used to prepare for the production of a new vehicle.

"We are getting ready to build a new hybrid vehicle in our UK plant. In that case it is very customary to close a plant for a few days, or even a few weeks," Nolasco said.

Safety problems recently led to millions of vehicles being recalled, following the deaths of 58 people in the US.

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