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Quarter of French expect to sell Christmas presents

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Nearly one in five French residents expect to sell some of their Christmas presents, according to a poll published Wednesday. Six out of 10 say they are suffering from stress in the run-up to the season of good will, largely because they fear they will not find the right presents to give their loved ones.


Just three weeks away from Christmas Day, 24 per cent of people questioned by French polling firm Generix/Ifop say they may sell some of the presents they receive.

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About a third say they will do so because they expect to receive presents they don’t like but 22 per cent say they just want to make money out of the operation.

Most plan to sell their unwelcome presents on the internet and the average profit they expect to make is 17 euros, the survey found.

About 28 per cent of respondents said they would give away unwanted presents.

Sixty per cent said they were worried that they would not find the right presents to give to friends or family, while 36 per cent were afraid they would go over their budget.

Women were the most stressed on both these questions.

Thirty one per cent said they were worried that they did not have enough money to but presents for those they love, with a majority - 58 per cent - of those earning less that 1,200 euros suffering from this concern.

Packed shopping malls and hectic shops meant more stress for 35 per cent of those questioned. In the Paris region the figure was even higher at 44 per cent.

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