Anti-nuclear campaigners form human chain in Paris


Thousands of people formed a human chain in Paris on Saturday - the second anniversary of Japan's Fukushima disaster - to oppose nuclear power, which provides most of France's energy. 


The chain circled whhat the organisers called the French nuclear industry's centres of power, including electricity company EDF, nuclear body Areva, the National Assembly and the ministries of research and finance.

The campaigners said 20,000 people took part, while the police estimated the number a 4,000.

France relies on nuclear power for 80 per cent of its electricity.

While that means the country does not heavily rely on fossil fuels, critics say nuclear always carries the risk of accidents and disasters and want a transition to cleaner and safer renewable energies.

A poll published in French newspaper Dimanche Ouest-France on Sunday showed 42 per cent of respondents are worried about the country's 58 reactors, down from 56 per cent two years ago when the Fukushima nuclear crisis was at its height.

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