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France calls for finance minister for the Eurozone

Pierre Moscovici
Pierre Moscovici RFI / Matthieu Millecamps

The French economics minister, Pierre Moscovici, has called for the creation of a Eurozone finance minister to be in charge of the economic affairs of the 17-member bloc.


Speaking in an economic forum in France’s south-east, Moscovici said the ministry post should be considered in time for European Parliament elections next year.

“It’s important for the Eurozone to be more visible, and that we don’t see 17 ministers meeting at night,” he said, in reference to long, late night meetings in Brussels on issues such as the European budget.

“The question is knowing whether this minister should just be the president of the Eurogroup, or if they should also be the commissioner in charge of economic affairs,” he said, adding that the second option “would create a strong synergy.”

Moscovici also reiterated the idea of a central Eurozone commission or committee within the European Parliament “that can legislate on common interests in the Eurozone.”

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