Hollande hints at failure to hit unemployment goal by year end

François Hollande in Aubervilliers, near Paris, 28 Nov.
François Hollande in Aubervilliers, near Paris, 28 Nov. Reuters/Etienne Laurent

French president François Hollande hinted on Thursday that he would fail to achieve his goal of reversing the rise in French unemployment by the end of the year, a target he has frequently touted as a key priority.  


With unemployment figures due out later on Thursday, Hollande said the battle for jobs "will take all the time that's necessary."

On a visit to a small business in Aubervilliers on the outskirts of Paris, he told journalists "It's true I set the target of reversing the rising unemployment curve or to be still more clear, to reduce unemployment" by the end of the year."It's a battle we've entered into," he said, "it will be month by month, it has been month by month, and we must work ceaselessly and it will take us all the time that's necessary, this month like the other months....What matters is this trend which we must now impose, which is that unemployment, must stop increasing."

September figures recorded 60,000 more jobless, and the unemployment is now at record high of 3.29 million people.

Since May 2012 presidential election, 368,000 more people have joined the queues of unemployed workers.

France's economy shrank by 0.1 per cent in the third quarter further depressing employment prospects.

Hollande is under intense pressure to deliver results on unemployment, one of the most important issues in France according to opinion polls. 


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