Only 44 per cent of French think EU a good thing

European Parliament building
European Parliament building Reuters/Vincent Kessler

According to a new poll, only 44 per cent of the French have a positive view of the European Union, though a majority want to stay in the single currency 


The poll, published inLe Figaro this morning, reveals that only 44 per cent of those surveyed would describe the EU as "a good thing for France", while a further 33 per cent consider it to be "neither a good nor a bad thing" and 23 per cent feel it is "a bad thing".

While 56 per cent favour the Euro, a sizeable 26 per cent of the French would like to see the end of the euro and a return to the French franc, which is one of the policies of the Front National.

The poll, conducted by Opinion Way, also appears to demonstrate that the French people are not particularly interested in the upcoming European elections.

Only one third of respondents declare that they are interested in the European election campaigns.

A very low turn-out in the elections is predicted, with just over 60 per cent of those eligible expected to vote.


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