France wants more charging stations for electric cars

Credit: Flickr/ CC

A new law that encourages the use of electric cars in France was promulgated on Wednesday. With this new law, companies will pay reduced taxes when building charging stations for these vehicles.


This tax exoneration is a way to encourage companies to install the infrastructure needed for the roll-out of electric cars in the country.

The law was adopted by the French Parliament on July the 23rd.

To profit from this law, companies must be operational in at least two regions in the country.

There are currently 10 thousand electric car charging stations in France. This new measure forms part of a bigger plan that will see Parliament voting on a law on Energy Transition in October. If it goes ahead France aims to set up 7 million charging stations by 2030.

Today 36 thousand electric cars are on the roads in France, out of a total of 38 million vehicles, according to the National Association for electric mobility.

Since the beginning of the year, sales of electric cars increased in France, but slowed down in July.

In 2012 France was the leading supplier of electric cars, but since then the Netherlands has caught up.

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