One million French people to receive charity meals

Charity food centre in Nice.
Charity food centre in Nice. Reuters/Eric Gaillard

The charity food distribution centres "Les Restos du Coeur" have opened their door for their 30th winter season in France. One million French people should receive help and meals during the winter months. 


The food bank to fight poverty in France was created 30 years ago by a French comedian Coluche.

Last year,  the "Restaurants of the Heart" helped about one million people throughout the country and served more than 130 million meals.

This year, the charity organisation expects not less than one million registrations but fears a shortage in aid due to tax. 

Last year a tax break was done on agricultural food donations but it is "not enough to face increasing poverty in France" said Olivier Berthe head of the Charity.

"We received 84 million-euro in 2013, donations represent about half our funding. But it stagnates and we need more as we register more and more people in need", said Berthe. 

The Charity organisation looks for some new fundings and asks for some more tax breaks on meat, eggs, vegetables and cereals donations. 

More than 2,000 centres will be open daily during the winter months to deliver free food for those who need. 

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