Paris taxis to stage drive-slow protest against Uber Monday

Taxi drivers plan to clog up roads into Paris on Monday morning in ongoing protests against Uber and the threat of other car-rental company companies. A court on Friday rejected an attempt to ban UberPop operating in France.

The Uber app
The Uber app Reuters/Sergio Perez

Three groupings of taxi companies have called on drivers to assemble at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports and at Porte de Saint Cloud, an western entrance to the city, at 5.30am and then drive slowly towards the centre.

UberPop hooks up passengers with non-professional drivers ready to transport them for money.

French and other European taxi drivers have staged a number of protests against its spread this year.

“It’s about saying no to injustice, not to illegal work,” declared the Independent Parisian Taxis Federation on its Facebook page.

But the main drivers’ trade unions are not backing the protest because they do not want to disrupt people’s Christmas preparations and because government decrees on the new forms of car-hire are still being negotiated.

The trade unions planned a meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss possible action in January.

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