France to ban e-joint, health minister

A man uses an e-cigarette
A man uses an e-cigarette Reuters/Christian Hartmann

French is to move to ban a new electronic cigarette containing cannabis. Health Minister Marisol Touraine claimed the product will encourage the consumption of the drug, although the manufacturers say it is 100 per cent legal.


"I am opposed to such a product being commercialised in France," Touraine told RTL radio on Tuesday.

French-Czech company Kanavape says the e-joint offers the relaxing properties of cannabis without its mind-altering effects, claiming that they want to offer "millions of people a legal and flavourful way to consume cannabis".

Vaping is popular in France and some users have worked out how to adapt e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana but Kanavape is the first company to try to commercialise a product that does so.

The company extracts Cannabidiol - a compound in cannabis that does not contain the mind-altering THC ingredient - from hemp grown for fibre and seeds.

The hemp is grown on farms in France, Spain and the Czech Republic without chemicals or fertiliser, the company claims.

"Kanavape provides you with a unique experience. Cannabidiol is a non-psychotic component of hemp, it does not have euphoric effects but helps you feel more relaxed," Kanavape's website claims.

The recreational use of marijuana is illegal in France but its active ingredients may be used for medical purposes.

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