Iceland - Germany

Iceland volcano stops erupting, German airports reopen


Iceland’s Grimsvoetn volcano appeared to have stopped erupting Wednesday and north German airports, which were closed during the morning, reopened earlier than expected.


Geologists in Iceland said that activity at Grimsvoetn stopped at 0200GMT and that the ash

In France, civil aviation chief Patrick Gandil said Wednesday French airspace would not be closed.

“All our airports will remain open," he said, adding that the G8 summit, due to start Thursday in the northern seaside resort of Deauville, "will not be impacted".

plume had almost disappeared but warned that it is too early to say that the eruption is definitely over.

German Transport Minister Peter Ramsmauer later announced that airports in the north of the country, which closed on Wednesday morning, would be able to reopen “sooner than expected”.

Airports at Hamburg, Bremen, Sylt, Rostock and Berlin were all closed for several hours as the cloud moved south after crossing the North Sea.

In the Netherlands disruption was minimal and Denmark reported that the situation had returned to normal after the closure of a small part of its airspace on Tuesday.

But airspace over parts of the North Sea remained closed, especially around Greenland.

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