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Yanukovich set to win Ukraine presidential vote

Pro-Russia Viktor Yanukovich looks almost certain to be Ukraine's new President after a close-run election against Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. Yanukovich has a margin of just two per cent over his bitter rival with most of the votes counted.


The results point to a stunning comeback for Yanukovich who was poised to take the presidency in 2004 before he was accused of vote rigging and the Supreme Court ordered an election re-run.

Following the re-run, the pro-west Viktor Yushchenko was elected and the Orange Revolution swept Ukraine;s old order from power and raised hopes of a new beginning for the former Soviet state.

Yanukovich's victory is seen as a rejection of the West-leaning policies of the Orange Revolution. In a victory speech on Sunday night, before the final results were known, Yanukovich promised a 'new page' in Ukraine's history. He said he wanted to overcome the country's economic crisis and divisions.

Tymoshenko has refused to concede defeat and says her supporters are carrying out the own vote count alongside the official tally.

She had previously vowed to mobilise her street supporters if she detected fraud by her rival.

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