No outright winner in Kosovo elections


Kosovo's first election since declaring independence will lead to an unstable government, local media reported on Monday. On Sunday both Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and the main opposition Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) claimed they led the vote, with exit polls showing neither party won an overall majority.


First official results are not expected until late on Monday after Kosovo's first poll since declaring independence since 2008. Turnout was less than 48 percent.

"Since Kosovars expressed their opinion it is now the international community's turn to give 'friendly advice' on how to form a government," the Koha Ditore daily said.

"We can only beg them to not only create a strong government but also a strong and stable opposition. Otherwise it's bye bye democracy in Kosovo."

An exit poll put Thaci's Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) in the lead with 31 percent of the vote but press reports also raised concerns about irregularities during Sunday's polling. Newspapers reported a 95 percent turnout in Thaci's stronghold region of Drenica.

"Victory for Hashim Thaci's party is not enough to create a strong governing majority," the Kosova Sot daily said, adding that a strong governing coalition would need partners of equal strength.

Serbia, which views the territory as its southern province and does not recognise its independence, urged Kosovo's 120,000-strong Serb minority not to vote.

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