Former NoW editor Rebekah Brooks will appear before British MPs


Former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks will appear before the British parliament’s so-called Select Committee on media matters on Tuesday, as arranged, despite her arrest on Sunday and subsequent release on bail, her spokesman confirmed on Monday.


Rebekah Brooks, who resigned from her post on Friday, was arrested at midday on Sunday and questioned for 12 hours by police in London, on suspicion of involvement in phone-hacking and bribing the police.

Her boss, Rupert Murdoch, and his son James Murdoch have also been summoned to give evidence before the committee.

Brooks was the tenth person, and the most senior in the Murdoch empire, to be arrested over the scandal.

She was editor of The News of the World, the now defunct British tabloid newspaper owned by Murdoch, from 2000 til 2003, when the phone-hacking allegedly took place.

She resigned on Friday after days of intense pressure from the public and senior political figures, led by Britains opposition Labour leader David Miliband.

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