France - United Kingdom

Runaway teacher Forrest on plane back to Britain


Jeremy Forrest, the British Maths teacher who ran away to France with pupil Megan Stammers, was on a plane back to Britain on Wednesday afternoon following a French court ruling that he could be extradited.


Forrest was on board an EasyJet flight bound for London's Gatwick airport
that took off just before 3pm from the airport at Bordeaux, on the Atlantic coast, on Wednesday, the AFP news agency reported.

A court ruled last week that the 30-year-old, who is married, could be sent back to Britain to face a charge of kidnapping a minor.

Forrest did not contest the extradition and his lawyer says he is keen to tell the “full story” of his disappearance with Stammers, who is 15.

The two were picked up after being spotted in a mall in Bordeaux and Stammers was sent home.

The authorities may not proceed with the kidnapping charge since there has never been any suggestion that Stammers was taken to France against her will and her parents said that they did not believe she was in any danger while in Forrest’s company.

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