Depardieu says striking rich tax 'changes nothing'


French actor, Gerard Depardieu says a decision by France’s High Court to remove a 75 per cent tax on millionaires wouldn’t change his decision to relocate to Belgium.


"We should let them talk," Depardieu told Le Parisien after France's constitutional council on Saturday overturned the super-tax on earnings of more than a million euros per year.

"I don't care about any of this. This changes nothing," Depardieu said referring to the High Court's decision.

Following the court's rejection of the tax, President François Hollande’s government has vowed to propose new measures to reduce France’s deficit to three per cent of GDP.

The tax on the wealthy was annulled because it applied to individuals, when French income taxes are normally based on households.

The tax rate which was due to take effect next year, prompted some wealthy French citizens to seek tax exile abroad, including Depardieu.

The 65 year-old criticised the tax in an open letter to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault earlier this month.

The high tax rate was one of President Hollande’s election campaign promises that saw him defeat right-winger Nicolas Sarkozy in May.

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