France - United Kingdom

Two French fishermen lost at sea

Tom Corser/Wikimedia Commons

British coastguards were still searching for two French fishermen on Sunday, who went missing at sea near the Isles of Scilly off Great Britain the night before.


Le Neway, a 24 metre-long trawler, sent out a call for help at 19h15 to signal the fact that two men had gone overboard.

French coastguards alerted their British counterparts on Saturday evening, who sent a helicopter and rescue boat to the area where the fishermen were thought to have gone into the water.

They are believed to be located 30 miles northwest of the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago off the Cornish peninsula of Great Britain.

Rescue operations went through the night from Saturday to Sunday but have so far turned up nothing.

According to maritime authorities, the sea was very turbulent during this time.

The fisherman were wearing yellow fisherman oilies, but had no life vests or flotation devices when they went overboard.

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