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Spanish anti-fascist protesters pay homage to French student Clément Méric

Demonstration in Toulouse to pay homage to Clément Méric, 8 June, 2013
Demonstration in Toulouse to pay homage to Clément Méric, 8 June, 2013 AFP/Rémy Gabalda

A hundred protesters in Madrid got together today to pay homage to the French student Clément Méric, the young left-wing activist who was killed after being beaten in Paris last week.


“Clement, brother, we will not forget”, were the words written across a photo of the young activist placed on the ground in a popular neighbourhood in downtown Madrid.

“Neither forgotten nor pardoned”,  and "They shall not pass" are popular anti-fascist slogans, used particularly against the Spanish dictator Franco,  were also being echoed by the young Spanish protesters in Madrid.

Méric was a member of an anti-fascist group in Paris, who got into a fight with a group of skinheads Wednesday evening, according to information emerging from the early stages of an investigation into his death.

“From Madrid, we want to offer our condolences to our comrades in Paris” said one of the protesters, who is a member of the anti-fascist Coordination in Madrid.

“I’ve come to show my solidarity with the family of Clément” said Mari Cruz Otero, a 67 year old who came out to the protest wearing the Spanish Republican flag. “I’ve been anti-fascist, ever since I was conscious of it as a child”, added Otero.

“We are here to show our international solidarity. Here we have also fallen prey to attacks by neonazi groups” said Enrique Durruti.

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