Former French ambassador under investigation after found with thousands of euros in cash

Reuters/Eric Gaillard

 A former French ambassador to Tunisia is under investigation after he was caught carrying large amounts of money in a Paris train station in late July.


A court source confirmed yesterday that Boris Boillon, a diplomat-turned-businessman and close to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, was reportedly heading to Brussels with 350,000 euros and 40, 000 dollars in cash.

Boillon was travelling with no identity papers or a phone, but he did have three bank cards and envelopes stuffed with cash.

Little known fact: it is illegal to carry sums greater that 10,000 euros between European Union member states without making a declaration.

The former diplomat allegedly denied carrying cash just prior to the discovery. Custom officials have opened an investigation to determine the exact source of the funds.

Such an offence is punishable by a fine that can equal up to one quarter of the amount found; in this case close to 100,000 euros.

Boillon was France’s ambassador to Tunisia from February 2011 to August 2012.

He had previously served as ambassador to Iraq.

Since Sarkozy left office in May 2012, Boillon has abandoned the diplomatic life for business consulting.

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