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France calls for rapid implementation of Ukraine agreement

A man walks amidst burning remains of fires at Independence square in Kiev
A man walks amidst burning remains of fires at Independence square in Kiev Reuters/Konstantin Chernichkin

French President François Hollande on Friday called for Ukraine's government and opposition to quickly implement a deal on ending the country's crisis. Both President Viktor Yakunovych's government and the oppostion signed the deal in Kiev on Friday afternoon.


"After the unacceptable, intolerable and unjustifiable violence that has plunged Ukraine into mourning in recent days, the president calls for the full and timely implementation of the deal that has just been signed," Hollande said in a statement.

The committee representing the crowds that have occupied Kiev's Independence Square signed the deal, reached after tense negotiations over the last two days and nights.

More than 75 people have been killed in fighting between police, government supporters and protesters since Tuesday, opposition estimates put the figure much higher.

"Ukraine's leaders must now fully assume their responsibilities and respect the commitments they have made," Hollande's statement said.

The agreement specifies:

  • The 2004 constitution will come back into force within 48 hours;
  • Constitutional reform balancing the powers of the president, the government and parliament, will start immediately and be completed in September 2014;
  • Presidential elections under new electoral laws will take place by December;
  • An investigation into this week's violence will be monitored by the authorities, the opposition and the Council of Europe;
  • An amnesty will be enacted and illegal weapons handed in;
  • The foreign ministers of France, Germany, Poland and the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation call for an immediate end to all violence and confrontation.

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