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French environment minister wants Bisphenol A banned from shop receipts

Environment minister Ségolène Royal
Environment minister Ségolène Royal Reuters/Christian Hartmann

France is to propose that Bisphenol A - a molecule which could be dangerous for pregnant women, babies and children - be banned from use on shop and restaurant receipt paper within the European Union.


Environment minister Ségolène Royal made the announcement during a presentation of her national strategy on dealing with the causes of hormone disruption.

It’s thought that Bisphenol A could affect growth, sleep patterns, blood circulation and behaviour.

Bisphenol A is used as an antioxidant in plastic products such as packaging, as well as in receipts.

According to Anses, the French food safety agency, Bisphenol A could potentially harm a foetus in the uterus.

The French environment minister also intends to introduce tougher controls on phtalates, which are used in plastics and in children’s toys and could have negative effects on fertility and children’s development.


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