France - Syria

Suspected jihadists arrested in southern France

Eryand/Wikimedia Commons

French police special operations arrested Tuesday morning three suspected jihadists in southern France.


Two men and a woman were arrested in the city of Albi on suspicion of recruiting fighters for Syria.

Two of them returned from a three month stay in Syria and police said that they are suspected of "planning violent acts".

The third one is suspected of recruiting jihadist fighters. 

France is deeply concerned about muslim radicalisation after hundreds of its citizens joined the ranks of jihadists in Syria.

The French government unveiled in July a new bill aimed at strengthening anti-terrorism laws.

The bill includes a ban on foreign travel for nationals or residents suspected of radicalisation, and authorises that their passports could be confiscated.

800 French nationals or residents had already travelled to Syria, and the French government fears they could be involved in violent terrorism acts upon their return to France. 

Last May a French-Algerian man shot dead four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum after his return from Syria.

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